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Introduction of the Association

Hong Kong Surface Finishing Society (HKSFS)is formally known as Hong Kong Metal Finishing Society (HKMFS) which was established in 1974, and was renamed as HKSFS in June 2013.

The scope of services includes:
1. Host technical seminars/courses,
2. Organize industry exchanges and study tours,
3. Publication of journals and technical publications,
4. Organize/co-organizing exhibitions,
5. Bronze statue maintenance and repair services,
6. Engineering/anti-corrosion technical services,
7. Surface finishing consultancy services


Invitation - IUSF 2024 International Union For Surface Finishing 2024 World Summit & Symposium (Hong Kong); 邀請函 - 世界表面精飾聯盟IUSF 2024世界論壇暨研討會(香港)

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